At Our Visitors Request; More About USA Horse Slaughter Investigations by ‘Animals Angels’, Including Links To Europe, Where All Their Investigation Work Started Many Years Ago.

Hi all;

We are hopefully following up on many comments left on this site regarding horse slaughter in the USA.

Obviously we try to help our visitors when we can; so below you will find more up to date news, information and links on the subject of USA horse investigations; as well as links to the European section of Angels which was the initial source of undercover investigations regarding long distance animal transport issues – the area for which EU Angels have always been best known for.

USA Horses:

Every year, approximately 180.000 American horses are slaughtered for human consumption. They are transported across the border to large slaughter facilities in Mexico and Canada and their meat is exported to Italy, Belgium, France and Japan.

Below are some additional links which we hope will provide you with more up to date information on this subject.

Animals Angels was founded and did all of its initial animal transport investigation work in mainland Europe.  It is very well known in Europe for all of its specialist undercover farm animal transport investigations.

Find out more about the European section of AA at:

Animals’ Angels is recognised as the animal protection organisation that specialises in farm-animal transport

  • has global reach
  • calls for the enforcement of existing animal protection laws
  • asserts the right of animals to life, liberty and happiness
  • aims to have animals treated as sentient beings with rights
  • regards the struggle for animal rights as on a par with the struggle for human rights

Learn more about the AA corporate identity.

On Friday, July 4th, as Americans around the U.S. celebrated Independence Day, Animals’ Angels Inc. in conjunction with its international animal welfare coalition partners, Global Action in the Interest of Animals (GAIA, Belgium), Tierschutzbund Zurich (TSB, Switzerland). Eyes on Animals (Netherlands), L214 (France) and Eurogroup for Animals met with some of the top players at the EU Commission in Brussels to continue pushing forward in the fight for winning the freedom of U.S. horses and spreading much needed advocacy on an international platform.  –  read more at


Further links:


Horse investigations by ‘Animals Angels’ –’%20Angels%20Report%20on%20horse%20meat%20imported%20to%20Europe%20-%20Introduction.pdf

Animals’ Angels Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in Maryland with full-time investigators working in the United States.  Throughout the United States, Animals’ Angels teams are there with the animals every week, conducting hands-on research and investigations. We objectively report observations, document and expose animal cruelty.


We are trying to meet the wishes of our excellent visitors – hope the above gives you further information that many of you are after.

Regards Mark – SAV; Kent, England.








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