Serbia: New Petition – Stop The Dogcatchers In Svilajnac / Serbia – We Need Answers To Where All The Dogs Have Gone !

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Goran dogcatcher petition


Please take time out and support this important petition about the hundreds of dogs which are being caught and then disappearing within a few days.  Our friend Goran provides the full details below – these are his words.  We have provided the petition link twice for you.  Please support and crosspost – Thanks.

We are running several petitions at the moment; as we feel that this is the only real way to show the EU, the Macedonian and also the Serbian authorities that the situation is serious and they cannot go on forever telling lies to a watching world.  The massive international support of the petitions shows just how much interest people are taking in every move the authorities make.

We have also provided links to all of the current petitions that we have running for the EU, Macedonia and also Serbia.  You can find them all at the end of this post. – SAV.



Petition link:änger-stop-dog-catcher?recruiter=7882471&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_facebook_responsive&utm_term=des-lg-no_src-no_msg

Goran dogcatcher petition

 Goran Explains the Current Situation:

We demand the immediate stop of the dog catcher!

Regularly in place Svilajnac / Serbia ordered to street dogs the dog catchers capture.

These animals end up in a shelter where they die under suspicious circumstances after 2-3 days. Many of the captured dogs are just gone. It is alleged they have been vaccinated, neutered and released.

That’s not true!

None of the trapped dog has surfaced again.

There is a reasonable suspicion that dogs are killed.

Serbia has a NO KILL law and we demand that the Serbian guidelines are observed with respect to the Animal Welfare Act.

We also ask for details of the whereabouts of the trapped dogs.

We are currently planning a castration campaign in place Svilajnac to the population to master. This is not possible if the sterilized through our association dogs are caught and killed.

We appeal to adjust to the Mayor of the city Svilajnac to end this cruelty to animals with immediate effect.

We would also like to know the whereabouts of the dogs have been caught in the past 2 months.

We will no longer look like Serbian legislation is circumvented and, if necessary, contact us to higher authority within the EU to these atrocities and unnecessary behavior to end.


Petition link:änger-stop-dog-catcher?recruiter=7882471&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_facebook_responsive&utm_term=des-lg-no_src-no_msg

Goran dogcatcher petition


Links (below) to the other petitions which we currently are running with Goran, our own and with our friends at Anima Mundi, Macedonia:

 As well as our petition which you can find at:

There is one from our good friends at Anima Mundi in Macedonia; who for years have been campaigning to close down the hell hole for dogs “Vardariste” facility in Skopje.

Link to the Anima Mundi website:

Please give this campaign your support – get everyone you know to sign:

Finally; please also give support to Goran and his petition – he invites all who are against euthanasia and animal cruelty to be involved in this action and support this petition in order to prevent violence against animals because of animal cruelty is often an indicator of violence towards people, psychologists think.


We also need help still in finding a life long adoptive parent for Victor:

Find a home for Victor –

They are all great petitions to help and save animals

– we have had fantastic support in the early days

– lets keep it going.



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