India: The Government of Kerala has approved drastic action to deal with rabies: DOG CULLING.



The Government of Kerala has approved drastic action in the entire region to deal with rabies: DOG CULLING.  

So, even gentle moms with pups and disabled dogs are being killed, using inhumane methods such as poisoning with cyanide, beating to death and throwing alive dogs at sea with tied legs.

The dogcatchers killing squads are paid $1.75 per dog they eliminate.


Kerala acts against every known law in India!


People and street dogs can get along!

The only proven method to humanely solve this problem is anti-rabies vaccination and animal birth control – spay and neuter.

Indian dogs struggle daily to survive and coexist with humans 

WE CANNOT LOOK AWAY! – We need to stand up and stop the unimaginable suffering of these dogs.


PETITION (1) Stop Killing of Stray Dogs

PETITION (2) Petitioning Government of India STOP KILLING DOGS

PETITION (3) Stop killing of stray dogs in Kerala

PETITION (4) Please stop merciless killing of stray dog’s in Kerala

PETITION (5) STOP Dog culling decision of Kerala

PETITION (6) Our most educated state Kerala is busy killing by torturing stray dogs!

PETITION (7) Government of Kerala: DROP the decision to cull stray dogs!

PETITION (8) Prevent Kerala from turning into another animal Killing STATE

PETITION (9) Boycott Kerala tourism to save animals from slaughter

PETITION (10) Steffi Graf – Do not agree to be Kerala’s Ambassador!

PETITION (11) Incorporate Right to live for animals in India

PETITION (12) Stop the barbaric killing of dogs in Kerala –India

PETITION (13) Stop dog culling in Kerala, India!

PETITION (14) Government of Kerala (India) has just approved a massive dog culling! Act Now!

PETITION (15) Animal protection laws in India!


For all animal lovers > be an active part of THE WORLDWIDE PROTEST AGAINST ‪#‎KeralaDogCulling and support ‪#‎BoycottKerala ‪#‎BoycottKeralaTourism ‪#‎BoycottKeralaProducts ‪on 26th July.

We have to make these hash tags reach every media agency and every animal lover in the world.

India is divided in half on this issue. For every person who has a problem with a stray dog, another person says: “You know what, I’m taking care of this dog. Stay out of it.”

Help Animals India ® >





2 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for sharing Mark!

    Today, animals are second-rate creatures, they are defenseless and completely in man’s power. But none of us has the right to kill & abuse other living beings. The point is that ANIMALS HAVE RIGHT TO EQUALITY – TO BE RESPECTED AND TO LIVE FREE.
    Humanity violates the basic rights of animals but this is going to change in the near future.

    NEW PETITION and heartbreaking story of the pup Jeevith from India: >

  2. The greatness of a nation is measured by how it treats animals, asserts Gandhi.
    Can we do that?
    Yes, it is possible.
    We have also recently experienced in Romania.
    The government there pays bounties also.
    In order to produce serial killer!
    They are called “doghatcher”, and they are nothing more than paid killers.
    Murderers who kill for money innocent beings.
    At the moment, a life in Kerala costs $ 1.75, so cheap is the moral of this city, of this country.
    And that’s India, the land where the beautiful quote comes from.
    A sentence, which is in everyone’s mouth, in every heart, in every protest against animal exploitation, animal cruelty, animal murder.

    Kerala: a city which washes its hands in blood, so it is confirmed once more that people learn nothing of great visionaries, but of mass murderers.
    Kerala: following in the footsteps of Bukarest the next state machinery of death is constructed and enters as a moral scum in the book of human history!

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