Bulgaria: Borko Has Been Saved From Execution – But Please Continue To Sign His Petition Thank You.



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Albert EbrahimzadehOccupy for Animals



-A BIG Thank you to all of you who signed the petition!


But Please Please continue to share Borko’s petition:


-The more voices we can get condemning the actions of this Mayor, the more embarrassed the authorities will be and more likely to step in against the Mayor!! Thank you!

A last minute decision of the Smolyan Administrative Court STOPPED the preliminary execution of the intended by the Mayor of Devin seizure of Borko and his family.

A small group of animal welfare activists, journalists and Borko supporters occupied early in the morning the Surgery in the village of Selcha, waiting for the municipal “action group” to arrive. They had already been informed by Dr. Litov’s attorney of the court’s decision, but were not sure if the Mayor would comply with it.

An hour later the group drove off to the town of Devin to meet and confront the Mayor himself and ask for explanation of his intended actions. The coward had run off and could not be found anywhere. Instead, the Mayor’s legal adviser and the municipal property manager were questioned thoroughly.

It became evidently clear that the authorities were becoming very concerned by the international uproar, caused by the death threats to Borko and his family.

They were assured that unless they take all necessary steps to remedy the situation and guarantee that Borko and family will never be threatened again, the international pressure will continue non stop with all negative consequences. We’ll wait and see.

Borko is alive and well and sends hugs and kisses to all those who stood up for him.

Borko - justice for

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