Serbia: Small Shelter NIS Serbia Dog Food & Veterinary Care Project.

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Small Shelter NIS Serbia Dog Food & Veterinary Care Project

120 Euros still needed – please dig deep; if everyone gave just a few Euros, this shelter would have a great Christmas !

Donations –

Photo gallery –

News about costs and how money is spent –

We will be using this Project to raise funds to provide food and veterinary care for the dogs and cats at Small Shelter NIS.

We currently have 24 dogs and numerous cats at the shelter and on the streets whom need food daily. We provide vet care to any animal in distress and we also contribute to spaying the animals. Neutering at this time in NIS is still free for male dogs. Our funds are limited and resources stretch so every penny donated is so much gratefully received, we could not continue without your support, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

However we can never be complacent and try to ensure we raise funds ourselves with our wonderful BUY IT NOW page on FB. We have an amazing selection of goods on sale donated by our supporters, why not pay us a visit at: (copy & paste into your browser)

In addition, we have a new expense which is a monthly payment for the use of the land the shelter is on. This fee is 40 euros a month.

We also have had to employ the services of a dog walker, NISA. He is a great help to the Shelter and provides long walks twice weekly (the dogs on rotation) in lovely surroundings not far from the shelter, which also boasts a lovely river if any of the dogs wish to have a SPLASH ! and cool down from the hot summer. This is important to their routine and very much welcomed and also gives them quality time away from the day to day tedious routine at the shelter. This fee is 21 euros every 7 weeks.

Please visit us on our Facebook page where we have daily updates: (copy & paste into browser) and please feel free to scroll through our photo albums which shows life at the shelter and also where we post all our receipts for food and vet care: (copy & paste into browser)

Please continue to help this Small Shelter reach their monthly fund raising goals.

Thank you Yvonne Corbett Facebook :

More information:





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