USA: Breaking News From ‘Project Coyote’ – The Idaho Predator Derby Has Now Been Cancelled !


victory foor wildlife

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We have had some fantastic news from Camilla today (22/12) which you can read further below.

Here at SAV (England) we were very happy to become ‘Project Coyote’ Pack Members a few years back; as we care so much for the beautiful wildlife of the USA.

Click on the following link to reads Mark’s words and reasons which inspired him to become a pack member at the time:

Some of our other past links associated with the project are as follows:


And now for the best news !!

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Idaho Predator Derby Cancelled !

Dear Mark,

As a result of sustained legal and grassroots efforts by a coalition of organizations including Project Coyote, sponsors of the infamous Salmon Idaho “Predator Derby” announced they are canceling the cruel event this winter.

This is a huge win for the coyotes, wolves and other predators targeted in this barbaric event that awards prizes to those who kill the most and largest of a given species.

You helped achieve this victory! While we celebrate this hard-fought victory and take comfort in knowing that coyotes and wolves in the Salmon, Idaho area won’t be targeted this winter, the stark reality is that killing contests are still legal in Idaho – and in every U.S. state except California.

To Expose this barbarity, Educate the public and policy makers, and Empower the grassroots to help End this practice, we are producing a film about wildlife killing contests and trophy hunting of predators.

Most people have no idea wild animals are being killed for prizes and trophies across the U.S.- and are shocked and horrified to learn such cruelty is legal.

Education is key to changing the way our wildlife is treated in North America. We must raise public awareness and then change the laws to ensure that coyotes, wolves, bobcats and other native carnivores are treated and valued with the kind of respect and appreciation they deserve.

Will you help us complete this film, distribute it and continue our work to end wildlife-killing contests, trapping and other cruelties inflicted against our important apex predators? Four generous donors have pledged to match all donations, dollar for dollar, up to $25K by December 31st. Please help us and double your impact for wildlife.

Please watch my message below & thank you for your steadfast support.

See the message from Camilla by clicking on the following link:

Camilla H. Fox Founder & Executive Director

Congrats to Camilla and all the crew at Project Coyote for such a superb victory.

Happy Howling !! – SAV.

Project Coyote logo

Or, as one well known Brit would say:

‘Be yourself no matter what they say’




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