England: Should Fox Hunting Be Legal ? – A New Poll Shows 83% Of The British Public Say ‘NO’.


LACS Poll box day

For non UK supporters – Boxing Day (26/12) is traditionally the day of the year in the UK (especially England) when hunts go out after Christmas.  They parade through villages and towns in an attempt to gain support from the public.  Anti hunt protesters, sabs and the public opposed to hunting always show up in force to make their point of the case also.



If hunting is a form of wildlife control as the hunts always say, then why keep foxes in sheds ready to hunt in the future as shown in the first video above ?

There is nothing about hunting that is anything to do with wildlife control; it is simply a blood lust of some people.

Fortunately the British public have shown their feelings about this in a new poll released on 26/12/15.

Photo below – The reality of the fox hunt

East Kent


Dear Mark

Today (26/12), across Britain, huntsmen and women are showcasing their call for the Hunting Act to be scrapped and for the cruelty of hunting with dogs for sport to be legalised again. 

But we were ready to challenge their calls for cruelty. New polling released today shows that a record breaking 83% of the public are opposed to fox hunting becoming legal again.

Despite the pro-hunt lobby claims that it is just ‘townies’ and ‘animal rights’ people opposed to hunting, this same poll showed that in fact more people are opposed to hunting in rural areas (84%) than they are in urban areas (82%). Another myth and lie of the hunters abolished! 

Also, 85% of the public do not want deer hunting to become legal again and 87% do not want hare hunting / coursing to become legal again. The polling shows once again that opposition to these cruel sports remains at an all time high. 

One of the most important numbers released today comes from separate analysis carried out by the League which shows a massive rise in opposition to legalising hunting from Conservative MPs.

At least 50 Conservative MPs have clearly stated in public that they will oppose a repeal of the ban on hunting. At least 20 others have indicated they would oppose repeal in private. Compare these numbers to just 6 Conservative MPs who supported the Hunting Act when it was brought in 11 years ago and you get a clear picture of the growing support for the Hunting Act.

We can only hope that all of this means that Boxing Day 2015 will be the last hooray of hunters in their attempts to legalise their cruelty. Regardless, the League Against Cruel Sports remains ever vigilant and we will do everything we can to stop the hunters. 

None of this work could be possible without your support Mark. We would love if today you might consider donating to our Boxing Day Appeal to ensure that in 2016 our campaign to defend the Hunting Act and the animals it protects is as strong as can be.

Thank you so much for your support,

Kind regards,

Mark McCormick

Senior Communications Officer – LACS.



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