Serbia: Can You Help Please – Distemper Situation At Shelter – Vet Bills Are Big !

Serbian  Flag

LINA Thanks

So today we had inspection.

Finally that day arrived . Just in right moment to destroy that little hope that I have . What they decision will be , we will know in next days .

In Serbia we have one sentence that say “Evil never come alone”. That is case with us .

Not only that we have ( for now) 4 dogs with distemper , not only that inspection came and not only that we have no more food , something else happened . My computer exploded today. Why i do not know but that mean that I can not share youcaring . No shares – no donations . No donations – dogs will die without food and threatman .

So please SHARE youcaring for distemper . Please , that will not cost you anything and for dogs it is everything .


Donations please to


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