England: Monday 29th August – Can You Do Something For The Global Day Of Action Against Live Exports ?




Website:  Still Under Production – see below.

Message: I’m writing to invite you to take part in a global day of action against live animal transportation on Monday August 29th – the 20th anniversary of the biggest live export disaster when more than 67,000 sheep died as the ship carrying them burned.

Although I am coordinating it on behalf of Compassion in World Farming, it is not their day. The Animals Are Not Freight website, logo and all associated resources will not be CIWF-branded, and the message each participating group gives out is entirely up to them.

The aim is to demonstrate global opposition to this global trade. It’s a chance for us all to come together and speak with one voice, while adapting the precise message for the decision-makers, media and public in our own regions and countries.

To be effective, we need groups of all sizes around the world taking action, and as a powerful voice for animals in Serbia, we really need you!

Compassion plans to hold a media event in London plus an event for our supporters to attend (details to be finalised). Our European offices will all be organising their own actions, and we will be working hard to get the message out online, too. And of course, I am approaching groups all over the world. Some – including in South Africa, Canada, Australia and Iraq – have already pledged to take part.

It would be wonderful if you could organise an event – a candlelit vigil, a march, a photo stunt for the media, a remembrance service for the animals who have died, a demonstration outside your government’s offices… whatever you think appropriate. The bigger the better for this global day of action. We need the world to take notice.

The Animals Are Not Freight website – which is on its way – will allow groups to upload any event they organise, and individuals to download social media images, placards and other resources, all with the Animals Are Not Freight logo.

We hope you will get involved. Please do ask if you have any questions.

All the best,

Kate Fowler
Campaign Manager (Interim)
Compassion in World Farming, UK

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