Celebrate Endangered Species Day.

Celebrate Endangered Species Day:
Protect Red Wolves, Grizzly Bears, and
Monarch Butterflies


Did you know that red wolves mate for life—when pups are born, the entire pack helps raise them—that grizzly bears are able to detect food from miles away, and that monarch butterflies migrate from Canada and the northern United States for up to 3,000 miles to Mexico each year?

These are some of the most miraculous creatures on Earth, and yet they face tremendous threats—from hunting to climate change to habitat destruction.

Right now, the world is in the midst of what scientists call the sixth great extinction. The rate at which species are disappearing forever is as much as 100 times higher than expected. That’s why we need your voice more than ever this Endangered Species Day.

Join the Endangered Species Coalition by taking action below to help protect some of the rarest animals around the world.

Looking to do more to stand up for endangered species in your community? Find an Endangered Species Day—related event near you.



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