UK: Free Tibet (London) – China plans to appoint its own puppet Dalai Lama after the current Dalai Lama dies – Petition and More.


This week saw the 21st anniversary of the notorious abduction by China of Ghedun Choekyi Nyima, the six-year-old boy who had been chosen as the Panchen Lama, one of Tibetan Buddhism’s most senior figures. Within months of his disappearance, China had appointed its own Panchen Lama, the son of Communist Party officials.

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For China today, persecuting monks and nuns and exercising suffocating control over every aspect of religious life in Tibet is not enough: now it plans to appoint its own puppet Dalai Lama after the current Dalai Lama dies.

D Lama Tibet

Above – The REAL Dalai Lama

Free Tibet is launching a major new campaign to defend religious freedom in Tibet and ensure that any Chinese-appointed Dalai Lama is shunned internationally.

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The Dalai Lama is of the deepest importance to Tibetans and a fundamental issue of religious freedom. They will reject a Dalai Lama forced on them by the Chinese government.

Please, sign our petition calling on religious authorities and governments to support the Tibetan people and publicly declare that they will not recognise any Dalai Lama appointed by Beijing.

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Sign the petition

For more on our Beyond Belief campaign see our news story here.

For more information on China’s control of religion in Tibet see our website.



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yulin dogs

Have you taken action for the 2016 Yulin dog meat ‘festival’ in China ? – please see more and take action at

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