UK: Latest Opinion Polls Show Majority Want To Leave the EU. No Welfare Enforcement, No Member – Simple !


Although the voting and counting is not until 23rd June; many people are casting postal votes early.  We have completed ours today and it is ready to be sent back ready for 23/6 count.

Latest news is:

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“The latest EU referendum poll indicates that voters have swung considerably towards backing Brexit. 52 per cent of people surveyed said they were planning on voting for Britain to leave the European Union, compared to 48 per cent who are voting in”.



But as (with live animals exports to Turkey for example) the EU is NOT ensuring animal welfare across ALL member states, or doing much to prosecute non-enforcers, it seems according to latest opinion polls, that we may be witnessing

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Have we provided enough evidence over the years ?

– and always,

they ignore it.  So now maybe, UK welfare groups go it alone and do better without the EU.  Maybe we would see some progress on campaigns.


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stop killing dogs in serbia


  • Pozega january 1

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One of our recent posts on the EU referendum – and our thoughts and evidence for animals which the EU seems to completely ignore:

……  and the thoughts of Venus; one of our regular site visitors:

The hegemony of the powerful countries of the European Union is not possible without cooperation.
This is the EU’s real basis.
What is equated in nature as “Survival of the fittest” with evolutionary success, practice some states of the EU for the safe continuation of their power over the weak.

But the EU is a German weapon.
What Hitler did not manage in the Second World War with tanks, has Merkel managed with the banks in the EU.
It may be that the German-French friendship ensures a lot of power and exploitation within the EU countries.
But in free trade, economic policies, subsidies, antitrust, fiscal policy – found throughout Berlin more common with London than with almost any other EU nation.

It may sound obvious, but without London is the Brussels negotiating table lonely.
And dangerous for the successful model of Merkel.
A model based on the exploitation, the debt, the enslavement of not enough strong countries for survival.
The tactics for this purpose has been and is still the same: deterrence tactics:
If London decides to exit, it would be a “Third World Shop”, a “deserter”!
Thus threatens the Luxembourg Juncker, the so-called “master of backstairs”!!
Juncker, the banker from the financial oasis, Merkels faithful servant, Juncker the millions-wage-MEP in the EU, Juncker the chief of the puppet state!

I think we will get to the truth, if we believe the contrary from what the EU parliamentarians tell us!
And I’m almost sure that the UK will send out a clear “No” in June against the “Brotherhood of the EU-barons”.




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