EU: Martin Schultz, President of the EU Parliament Quits. What Now For Junker ?


Martin Schultz, the President of the EU Parliament, has quit in order to fight against Angela Merkel at the German elections next year.  Read more:


A Christmas Story – Be Independent; Do Your Own Thing !


A Christmas Story


Every year, when Christmas comes, I wonder what gifts I should give. Most people think – give to people?

No!, not me; I mean to give to the animals!

On previous Christmas’ I had planned a one-woman anti-fur action, as a kind of personal gift / action for the suffering fur animals. I had inspected all the big shops in the city near to where I live. All of them sold fur articles. In one shop, which was very noble and expensive, there was a fox jacket priced at 1.199.- Euros. “It is red fox”, the seller informed me, allegedly “something that was very special”! – yes special to the fox; it is its coat to keep it warm ! When I put on the jacket, as part of my plan; I already knew what I would give the animals this Christmas.

I bought lots of small, white, self-adhesive stickers.

I typed on the computer:

“Pelz ist Mord

Kein Pelz kaufen” which means – Fur is murder, don`t buy fur.

I printed out 60 labels; each which carried this wording.

I decided to stick each of my labels over the price label of the fur items being sold. There are 2 reasons why I decided to do this:

  1. Spontaneously, if we want to buy something, we always first look at the price, and

  2. The price label is not part of the article, it is cut off at the checkout. This meant that even if I had been caught, no action could be taken against me for causing damage to the property.

Theoretically! – But it would be best not to be caught in the first place !!

That’s why I had tested all the cameras in the store. There were cameras everywhere. At the department where there was the red fox jacket, there was even a discreet camera mounted on the wall.

My plan had to be as follows:

take the fur jacket in hand, look for the position of the price label, try as if I was thinking of buying, and then… zack, zack!! quickly stick my anti fur label over the price tag !

Then, job done, move on to the price tag of the next fur item !

I had already stuck about 40 labels to different garments, but still none on the red fox fur. And I really wanted that!


“What does this jacket cost?” I asked the saleswoman. “1.199” she said; “but it is worth the money, something you will not find anywhere” !

I tried the jacket on and the saleswoman stood next to me. I made a small turn around in front of the mirror to view it from different angles, I had to be convincing that I was interested ! “I have to think it over,” I said, “it is too expensive for me”.

The saleswoman went away, disappointed by what I had said.

I put the jacket back on, quickly put my sticker onto this prize fur and left the store as quickly as I could. It was the sticker number 41!

When I think at this action today, I must admit, it was not a big or a direct gift for the animals, I know that. I have only provoked a little bit of attention into a very bloody business called the fur trade, nothing more.

Maybe I could have done more, if I had other helpers and activists with me. Yes! maybe … but with “if and but” you cannot change society and the suffering of the animals. We cannot wait for great deeds, everyone does what he or she can personally, now and again. Small gifts and actions for the animals are better than nothing.

And it should not be only at Christmas time.

Best regards for you, dear Mark,  and for all campaigners fighting for animals everywhere !




Above – Here Is the Rest of Your Fur Coat !


Visit ‘Respect for Animals’ (Nottingham, England)

– Campaigning against the Fur Trade:



Serbia: News From Felix Shelter – ‘Tessa’.




Danica Mirkovic


Tessa is a young kitty girl who already knows the meaning of pain and suffering.

A couple of months ago, while she was living on the streets of a village near Novi Sad, she had an open carpal fracture of her right leg. We’ll probably never find out what happened to her, but the point is that her horrific injury was left untreated for around two months. When someone finally took photos of her, she was in very bad shape and her right front leg seemed to be completely useless, so the vet in Novi Sad (who was the first to examine her) recommended amputation.




However, when she arrived at the shelter she had a thorough physical exam, blood tests and an X-ray by our vet who opted for surgery in order to try and save her injured leg. He removed the necrotic tissue; the wound was debrided and Tessa has been receiving IV fluids over the first couple of days since her arrival, as she was seriously dehydrated and malnourished.

She is being given Longacef and vitamins daily and is eating high quality food, constantly asking for more, while she is getting ready for the surgery which will be performed as soon as her condition becomes stable. Her right carpus is almost completely destroyed by infection and gangrene which is still spreading, so her leg will need to be operated on urgently. The vet is planning to somehow surgically align the fracture with crossed pins, while fixing the bones vertically with metal screws and if everything goes well, a callus is supposed to form a “false joint” which will remain stiff, but it will allow Tessa’s elbow to bend normally.


Once everything heals, she is expected to be able to use her right front leg even though she will certainly be limping for quite a long time or might walk with a slight limp forever, but she’ll be able to bear at least some of her weight on her injured leg. None of us here is decisively against amputation if it turns out to be in her best interest, but not before all of the other options are already tried, exhausted and have failed. An amputation is undoubtedly the easiest and the simplest way out; nonetheless, Tessa is only around eight months old and after everything she’s been through, she definitely deserves a fighting chance.

Whether she manages to overcome her problems or not, she has already proven to be a true survivor, at such a tender age and with an awful start in life. The approximate costs of her surgery alone are around 250 euros if nothing goes wrong; when we add the costs of the drugs she is receiving, special food, diapers and fuel needed for every day’s trips to the vet, it all adds up to about 330 euros.

Donations have been pretty much non-existent lately and we are flat broke at the moment. If you’d like to help our courageous little fighter who has already had more than her share of suffering and neglect, please help us pay off her bills!

Every donation, no matter the size, can go a long way!

Our PayPal is

Thank you all in advance!


Tessa had her stitches removed on Saturday. She’s gained a little weight and is now free to discover and explore her new surroundings 🙂

A huge thank you to all of you who have helped this lovely kitty girl!






To donate, please go to the following and search for donate on the left hand side.





UK: Mog and Buster – Stars of the Show !


A couple of this years British tv ads for Christmas – with animals as the main stars!






Money this year being given to the Wildlife Trusts – for British wildlife.

So win – win situation.

England: 8 Hours Maximum Journey Time – Now We Petition The EU In Addition To German Chancellor Actions. Please Sign and Crosspost To All Contacts.




New EU Petition link –

And send an e mail to Chancellor Merkel asking for 8 hours maximum journey time –

As well as working with German friends and campaigners regarding live exports and the need for an 8 hour maximum one off journey time; we are now also going direct to the EU.

With our German campaigners and using heir helpful advice and letter writing, we have already got things under way to target Chancellor Merkel in Germany; asking her to make representations on the subject at EU level.

Here is our post:

We have also, now produced a petition to Bernard Van Goethem at the EU asking for an 8 hour maximum one off journey time for animals.  You may well remember other posts on this site where Mr Van Goethem has held his hands up and said “we can do nothing” – even when presented with the most disgusting videos of animals suffering at the Turkish border when exported from the EU.

See the videos presented to him here:



Here is our new EU Petition link –  please sign and crosspost to all your contacts;

The wording of our letter to Mr Van Goethem – a Director at European Commission, DG SANCO – Directorate G – Veterinary and International Affairs is as follows:


Dear Sir (Mr. Van Goethem),

In the context of the 8hours campaign in 2012, more than 1,200,000 (1 million 200 thousand) citizens asked the EU Commission to limit all livestock transportation to a one off 8 hours maximum. Every year due to the existing and non enforced ‘EU legislation’, millions of farm animals suffer during long-distance transport across Europe and to other Third countries such as Turkey.

They are transported for very long period and exposed to extreme variations in temperatures, both of which are non compliant with the regulations set by EU regulation. In addition, only some animals (say those near to water dispensers) making up any particular consignment are lucky enough to receive very limited rations of food and water; often many get nothing. – In addition, the legally required rest breaks detailed in the regulation are also very often ignored by EU international livestock hauliers.  Again, the EU Directorate; of which you are a Director, takes no action to make things any better for these animals.

It is inconceivable that the EU Commission has completely ignored the requests of over 1,2 million EU citizens asking to limit animal transports to a maximum one off journey time of 8 hours.  You are failing us, the citizens of the EU, and you are failing the animals of the EU.

According to EU Regulation No. 1/2005, which is supposed to ‘protect’ animals during transport, but does anything but protect; the following freedoms should apply to all animals during transport:

• Animals must be free from hunger and thirst,

• Animals must be free from pain, injuries and diseases,

• Animals must be free from anxiety and stress.

All of these freedoms are regularly being breached during long-lasting international transport, especially to locations such as Turkey from EU states.

Regulation 1/2005 exists only on paper to show the EU public there are so- called legislative rules.  But the EU, of which you are a Veterinary Director, is not enforcing the existing regulation in any way; and so the legislation really means nothing – it is utterly useless paper ‘nothing’; and the livestock haulage industry know this as well as your failures to enforce the legislation.  The demands defined in 1/2005 are not respected by several existing EU member states, and you do nothing legally to even try to enforce them.  Examples of the failures we are talking about can be seen in the videos referenced below for example; especially in this case regarding animals exported from the EU to Turkey.

Animals transports from the EU to Turkey –

Export of sheep from England to Germany –


All the video evidence above as well as meetings between you and animal welfare organisations have ended with the disappointing but simple response from you: “We cannot do anything”.  On behalf of EU citizens, we thus question the EU enforcement of Regulation 1/2005, and say that if legislation is not rigidly enforced, then why does it exist in the first place ? – as we said, just a paper, mean nothing lump of regulation.

EU officials / Commissioners, who could start to amend animal transport legislation immediately, have remained inactive and very quiet for a very long time.  Regulation 1/2005 for animals in transport ‘protection’, which originally became law in December 2004, is utterly ineffective as EU officials including yourself take no action whatsoever to enforce it.

According to the Lisbon Treaty, one million people who have to come from several EU Member States, can use the ‘citizens’ initiative’ to ask the European Commission to submit new political proposals. These 1,2 million people calling for 8 hour transport legislation have not yet been able to stop the misery of the transport of animals for time periods over 8 hours.  Times need to change and you need to be held responsible.

Therefore, we are now asking you, a ‘Veterinary Director’ at the EU, to make sure that these animal transports within EU member states, and also all exports to Third nations such as EU – Turkey transportation; are timed to a one off maximum journey time of no more than eight (8) hours.

Please use your influence as a ‘vet’ – someone who allegedly should care about the welfare of animals, so that the existing laws on the implementation on animal transports are finally adapted for once and all to reflect a one off maximum journey time of no more than 8 hours as the citizens of Europe request.  This ruling must apply for transport across the whole of the EU and for export to Third countries such as Turkey.  Only for specific situations such as Scottish animals being shipped from islands to the mainland should their be additional but limited hours.

Thank you for your time and consideration of our very important ‘citizens’ initiative’ requestWe are watching your future actions to see if the ‘EU Veterinary Director’ actually does anything for the improvement of ‘animal welfare’ – and animals currently suffering during transport.



You can sign our petition calling for 8 hours maximum (one off) journey time by visiting:


Please pass the link on to anyone and everyone you know. 

We need to make this big for the animals that you have seen in the videos above.

Mr Van Goethem is a Director at European Commission, DG SANCO – Directorate G – Veterinary and International Affairs – so we must let him know how we feel about the current legislation (EU Regulation 1/2005 of December 2004) and now demand that a maximum 8 hour, one off journey time is introduced for all animals transported within the EU and for animals transported from the EU to Third nations such as Turkey.

Regards SAV.





India: Watch Some Superb Animal Rescues From Our Friends At AAU In India – Be Inspired To Help Animals !


animal aid unlimited india


Here below are some truly superb animal rescue videos by our friends at Animal Aid Unlimited.  Despite suffering some terrible injuries, the work and dedication of the team at AAU have proved successful every time.  They deserve our support to enable them to continue with their brilliant work.

Between some of the videos you will see a donation link.  Please try to give something to help this brilliant team with their continuing work to save animals of all shapes and sizes. 

We take our hat off to the entire team; enjoy their uplifting videos and wish them the very best for the future.  SAV.




Dear Mark,

Thank you for sharing your beautiful love of animals with Animal Aid Unlimited. We are so delighted to return that love by sharing these special love-packed stories and to introduce you to some unforgettable angels whose happiness was worth every day of treatment and care. Your loving support is behind each of these videos. You are an essential member of the rescue team. So as you watch these videos, we hope your heart will be filled with pride. These are your sweethearts.


How could anyone have abused this precious girl?

This beautiful older lady might have been deliberately hit. We found her bleeding from her head collapsed under brambles. Her recovery was slow and we feared she might have permanent brain damage. But suddenly the sunlight shown through.


A mother’s love meets Animal Aid’s love and the result?

Baby donkey Genevieve was attacked by a wild animal. Her many bite wounds were not only painful, the danger of sepsis from infection was acute. Treating her in the hospital was a must, but someone WASN’T ok about being separated. Genevieve’s mom was not about to let strangers take her baby–so of course, we packed up Mama and took her along. Watch how her mother made SURE she’d get better.


 animal aid unlimited india



“Hold on sweetheart! Hold on!”

This utterly lovely girl could not gain a perch in this well, and she had exhausted all her energy swimming and searching for a way out of her prison. Without rescue she would died from either drowning or hypothermia. What a beautiful angel to save.


A bull FAINTED after falling into a shop.

Two bulls locked horns in a busy Udaipur market, and one of them was hurled through a glass shop window. This poor bull was so upset he lost consciousness and crashed to the floor. Rescuing him was not so easy, but it sure felt good when he recovered and stood all by himself at Animal Aid.



 animal aid unlimited india


This is the biggest porcupine quill we’ve EVER seen. And it went through her eyelid!

This gentle old girl got herself in terrible trouble after we presume she went after a porcupine. We found her with a massive quill embedded several inches under her eye-lid. It was a miracle her eye wasn’t punctured. Watch our just-in-time rescue of this stunned and dazed sweetheart.



Frozen in pain, donkey’s shoulder gashed on busy highway.

What could be more heart-wrenching than a gentle donkey bleeding from a traffic accident, stuck in the roar of traffic unable to move? Watch Hobnob’s crisis turn to slow and steady relief and joy.





Sweetest greeting from dog in desperate pain.

Maybe his tail wagged because he sensed his moment of rescue had finally come. Meet gracious Dylan whose shredded ear had become unbearably painful and infested with maggots was life-threatening. He’s a new boy after several weeks of treatment–meet a super hero of sweetness.


Your loving donation lifts suffering Someones out of pain. What a beautiful way to cherish animals.

With our deepest thanks,



animal aid unlimited india


Turtle Island – Important Petition To Be Signed By 27/11/16. Please Take Part.

turtle 3

Take Action 3

Petition link –  


turtle island

We need your comments by Sunday, November 27th, so we can submit them with our comments to the National Marine Fisheries Service.


Urge US Government to Increase Observer Coverage of California’s Deadly Drift Gillnet Fishery

The California drift gillnet fishery for swordfish and shark is the most dangerous fishery for whales and other marine mammals along the U.S. West Coast from California to Alaska.

Over the past decade, this fishery killed or injured almost 800 dolphins, whales, and other marine mammals.


turtle 2

Last year, Turtle Island and allies won new rules requiring increased observer coverage and hard caps (triggers that will result in the immediate closure of the fishery when certain numbers of animals are killed or injured).

Turtle Island believes that this deadly fishery needs 100% observer coverage and that the hard cap levels need to be reduced to better protect marine species.

Please sign the petition calling on the US government to keep a better eye on this deadly fishery.

We will submit your petition to the National Marine Fisheries Service before the close of the formal comment period.


loggerhead turtle 2

loggerhead turtle