South Korea: New Presedential Leader Brings Hope For Animals. USA Governor Puts Economics Before Animal Welfare – Very Trump !



Soon, there will be a Presidential election in South Korea, 60 days after the final ruling by the Constitutional Court, impeaching their current president, Geun-Hye Park (the first female president in Korea) who is accused of corruption.

Even if the court rules in her favor, Park’s term will come to an end in just one year.

Right now in Korea, the presidential hopefuls’ campaigns are in full swing. The unchallenged frontrunner in the poll is Mr. Moon Jae-In and he is the most likely candidate to strengthen the Animal Protection Law and help the animals in Korea.



We support him and his pledge to lead his nation into a more ethical and compassionate society by improving the welfare of animals.

He has posted a story about a stray dog who came into his life and what he had learned from that experience.

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Moon Jae-In responds to animal friends:

I was happy because I had companions like Jjingjjing and Maru.
They gave me much comfort and joy.
Now, it’s my turn to help them.

I will strengthen the Animal Protection Laws and Animal Administration.
There will be no more cruel slaughter or burying alive of animals.
In order to stop the animals being killed in laboratory testing, I will ban all animal testing in the cosmetic industry and I will invest in researching the alternatives.

I will try to improve the lives of abandoned and stray animals.

You must be happy before we can be happy.
Now together, we may dream of happiness.






Please join us to speak out against the South Korean dog and cat meat cruelty.

Join our Thunderclap campaign to say “Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Olympics in South Korea”!


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Putting Economics Before Animal Welfare  – Michigan Governor’s Office replies, but declines to take action.


We received a response from the offices of Governor Rick Snyder, in Michigan, regarding our campaign asking them to take action over the dog-meat trade in Gyeonggi Province in South Korea, who they have business-related agreements with.

And, whilst we are grateful for a response from Governor Snyder’s Office (on so many occasions we fail to get any sort of response from the many people and offices contacted across the globe), we are disappointed to hear that all they advise is for us to contact ‘the entities in question directly’ in South Korea.

The Governor’s representative also states that Michigan does not have a friendship agreement with South Korea, only various agreements for the benefit of economic growth etc., from which we infer that they feel unable to address the dog-meat issue with their counterparts.

We feel that they could have taken simple action, like many Mayors have done, but they declined to do so and have chosen to look the other way, putting their economic interests first and ignoring the immense suffering and terrible injustice inflicted on these animals.

Click HERE to learn more.

Click HERE for up to date status of our Sister City Campaigns.



Friendship State Campaign – This time it’s Jeollanam Province.

Jeollanam Province has 3 Friendship States in US – Virginia, Arizona and Maryland.

Please take action urging these states to speak out for the Korean animals.

Friends don’t let friends kill dogs.

Friendship State Campaign – Jeollanam Province, South Korea – Virginia

Friendship State Campaign – Jeollanam Province, South Korea – Arizona

Friendship State Campaign – Jeollanam Province, South Korea – Maryland

Friendship City Campaign – Jeonju, South Korea – Honolulu, Hawaii




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