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17 Ways Trump Attacked the Planet Over the Holidays

While the rest of the world celebrated the holidays, the Trump administration and its friends in Congress continued their assault on wildlife, public lands, the climate, science and our oceans.

The Revelator has the details        about what Trump and co. were up to in late December — and a quick peek into what that means for 2018.




Georgia Snail Is First Species Declared Extinct Under Trump

The beaverpond marstonia, a freshwater snail from Georgia, was officially declared extinct last week in response to a 2010 Center petition to protect it. The snail was lost due to groundwater withdrawal for agriculture and urbanization, along with farming pollution.

The Service should’ve proposed protection for the snail in 2011 but didn’t act on the petition until we sued in 2016 for a court-ordered decision deadline. The species had been on the waiting list for federal protection since 1984.

Learn more.




Dear Mark,

Just hours ago Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced plans to dramatically expand offshore oil drilling in all oceans along U.S. coasts. This would include allowing new oil leasing along California’s shores for the first time in more than 30 years and in the remote Arctic.

Send a letter to Secretary Zinke urging him to scrap this destructive plan.

The draft proposal for offshore leasing over the next five years shows that the Trump administration is serious about giving the fossil fuel industry exactly what it wants: unrestricted access to oil and gas reserves buried deep under our oceans. If allowed to stand, the plan will hurt wildlife and coastal communities, and risk even more oil spills and sea-level rise. We can’t let that happen.

Act now to demand that Secretary Zinke protect our oceans and climate by scrapping this plan.

Take Action


Trump Left EPA Staff in the Dark Over Energy Star Cuts

Energy Star is a voluntary program that helps consumers find energy-efficient appliances, lighting and even homes. But the Trump administration wants to gut funding for the popular plan — which top EPA staffers didn’t even know until it turned up in media reports, according to documents partially released last week, obtained by the Center.

We’re now seeking the complete release of communications on Trump’s budget-cutting proposal.

“The Trump administration has a slash-and-burn approach to good ideas that help people and the environment, including Energy Star,” said the Center’s Greer Ryan, a renewable energy and research specialist.

Read more in our press release.

Center for Biological Diversity
P.O. Box 710
Tucson, AZ 85702








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