UK: Trying To Address Coffee Cup Waste – A ‘Latte Levy’ For Correct Recycling. Check Below For Other Cup Reuse Alternatives.


‘Latte levy’ of 25p urged by MPs in bid to cut cup waste


Four solutions to the disposable coffee cup problem

Starbucks responds to ‘latte levy’ with 5p cup charge to cut waste

Ben Webster, Environment Editor

January 5 2018,


Starbucks will test the impact of a 5p charge in 20 to 25 London stores.

A charge on disposable coffee cups is to be imposed in Britain to address the problem that only a tiny proportion is recycled.

Starbucks will test the impact of a 5p charge in 20 to 25 London stores in a three-month trial starting next month, the first time any coffee chain has required customers to pay extra for a cup.

The company announced the charge after learning that the Commons environmental audit committee would recommend today that the government introduce a minimum 25p “latte levy” on disposable cups.

A report by the committee says that disposable coffee cups should be banned unless almost all are recycled by 2023.




And the EU ? – they don’t give a  toss about anything unless money is the prime motivation.










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