Canada: (Toronto) – Restaurant Crudely Hacking Off The Arms and Legs of Flailing Octopus. Video Proof.


On the heels of our eyewitness investigation of restaurants

that serve live animals in New York City and Los Angeles,

PETA has now exposed similar atrocities in restaurants in Canada.



Please consider calling and getting friends, family, and associates to make polite phone calls to Marado Sushi at 905-707-0546 and Gal’s Sushi at 905-597-0176, urging them to remove live animals from their menus.



At Marado Sushi in Toronto, (Just Google search the name for full details) PETA captured footage of a chef crudely hacking off the arms and legs of a flailing octopus.

The writhing limbs were then served to diners in a dish called “sannakji.” We filed a complaint with the Ontario SPCA, which—agreeing that octopuses are protected by cruelty-to-animals legislation—promptly informed Marado Sushi of the law.

But Marado Sushi continues to serve sannakji by chopping the heads off live octopuses before dicing up their limbs, and other restaurants continue to mutilate and serve live animals.

Others “prepare” live shrimp and lobsters by cutting off their tails and plating them next to their flailing heads—all for the sake of diners’ entertainment.

Please speak out against butchering and serving live animals.

Join us in urging Toronto restaurants to stop butchering and

serving live animals.

Together, we can prevent an enormous amount of suffering.

All you have to do is take action today. 

See link below.









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