Serbia: Please Help Svetlana Help The Strays Of Bor. Facebook Link Below.


Today orthodox people celebrate Christmas. I celebrate my birthday. For all of them it is one more day, nothing to celebrate. They are no one’s dogs, wandering streets of Bor (Serbia) hungry or thirsty, hot or cold, scared of some people who believe they don’t deserve to live, today alive, tomorrow might be dead;. dreaming about their forever home and warm human touch.. me and Jovan Joja Cvetkovic are doing our best to get as many as possible of them safe, to make them happy as much as possible..  Food, medical help, vaccines, dog kennels, etc is always more than needed, No donation is small!
Thank you 😌





3 Responses

  1. Bless you folks. Take care. Thank you for loving.

    • Hi Dawn – we are not doing much Serb issues now as campaigners seem to have a better grip now than when we helped them start some 12 years ago, but anything we can help with deserves a mention.
      Also posted on SAV Facebook which is more a Serb animal community site.
      Glad to help – Mark. The only people who will really get change in Serbia are Serb campaigners themselves.
      I feel they should unite more to become a stronger force against the government.

  2. Shared with ♥

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