Canada: Does This Nations Government Have A Clue About Animal Welfare ?

Maybe the Canadian government in its ignorance thinks that chicken should be frozen BEFORE it arrives at the slaughterhouse !!


Condemned by animal advocates as the worst in the Western world, Canada’s farmed-animal-transport regulations permit incredible suffering, and this becomes most apparent during times of extreme weather.

Decades old, the regulations are the worst in the Western world, lagging behind the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, and even the United States.

Largely as a result of Canada’s weak regulations,

8.4 MILLION animals in 2013 arrived at slaughterhouses dead from the arduous journey,

or so sick or injured that they were declared

unfit for human consumption.



Is this abuse or what ? – Our post from 2014 !


Slaughter animals freeze in truck


Right now countless animals are freezing to death on transport trucks.

It’s legal in Canada to truck animals to slaughter in open-sided trucks—even in EXTREME cold.

How messed up is that?

Workers at Canada’s largest slaughterhouse, Maple Lodge Farms, which kills half a million chickens every day, have described chickens arriving to slaughter, frozen solid like “hockey pucks” and “popsicles”.

Government statistics show at least 1.59 million animals arriving dead at slaughterhouses every year.”




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