Take Action Now To Create An Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary.

To avoid the worst effects of climate change and protect biodiversity, we need to safeguard more than 30% of our oceans by 2030, so let’s kick this off with the Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary! [1]


Our oceans help us fight climate change by absorbing carbon from the atmosphere, they’re home to incredible marine life and they provide livelihoods for millions of people. By protecting our oceans, we can ensure that the ecosystems which perform these essential services for human life continue to function.

On top of that, we’ll also be creating a safe haven for whales, penguins and even the unbelievable colossal squids who call the Antarctic home – free from the influence of destructive fishing industries.

Add your name now so that we know you’re keen to be a part of the campaign for an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary!



Imagine being able to tick off ‘Created the largest protected area on Earth’ from your list at the end of the year! That would be an incredible feeling to share together, knowing that we each played a part. And we know we can do it. It’s going to be an exciting campaign, so please let us know if you’d like to be a part of it.

For the Antarctic,

Alix, Andy, Martin, Lucero, Suzy and the whole team at Greenpeace Australia Pacific


[1] Read more about the 30% target here: https://portals.iucn.org/congress/motion/053





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