Germany: 888,000 Euros Of EU Money Awarded To A Pig Abusing Unit. Any Wonder Why People Have No Faith In The EU; Or Maybe Want To Leave !



The pictures that PETA published from this pig farm in Günthersdorf (Friedland) are no exception – it is the rule in the German pig farms.

In August 2017, PETA filed a complaint with the competent public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt (Oder) for violating the Animal Welfare Act.

For many serious violations of the Livestock Farming Ordinance.

In addition, the veterinary office of the Oder-Spree district was informed about the abuses.

But the catastrophic conditions were not turned off.

As we see in Video, (and here, nobody needs translation) the pigs have to live in their own excrement in this farm. Coughing animals were documented because of the ammonia.

Also, tumors, eye infections, injured limbs were documented. Many pigs are bitten and bloodied from other pigs on the tips of their ears, because these intelligent and clean animals permanently suffer from boredom, stress and catastrophic living conditions.

Finally, if the costs in the farm are higher than the “economic value” of the animal, it is not uncommon to kill – legally and illegally. Also in this operation (video) dying and already dead animals were documented.

They will end up in the garbage – after a painful life.

PETA has already documented and published massive animal protection violations in this pig farm in Günthersdorf, Brandenburg.

But nothing has been done by either the policy or the veterinary office.

The pig farm belongs to the farmer AG Neißetal, which was subsidized by the EU in 2016 for more than 888,000 Euros,

– among other things for their livestock husbandry!!!




Please read the petition (I did the translation in English) and sign.

Best regards to all



The petition (Translation in English)


Signature campaign:
Petition: Please help the pigs in Brandenburg

Dear Prime Minister,

PETA was again able to publish the massive animal suffering in a Brandenburg pig farm.
This case clearly shows that the problem lies in the system.

Sensitive and intelligent creatures are adapted to a construct that pursues purely economic interests.

The pictures illustrate how animals will be handled in 2017: ailing, heavily stalled animal houses and dirty feed and water troughs. Sick and dying pigs can be seen, also dead and injured animals can be found in the inventory. Bloody ear tips and completely gnawed ticks are only an indication of the psychological and physical stress the animals have to endure.

It is well known how clean and intelligent pigs are, which is why they cannot be kept close to species in the withered and barren bays. In addition, they often make the hard-slatted floors and the air, which is usually contaminated with ammonia, sick.
Controls seem to fail once again – or are such conditions in Brandenburg of economic interest wanted?

I therefore urge you to end the suffering of the pigs in this farm and to take measures so that the torments of all pigs in Brandenburg come to an end.

Original Petition in German (Link)

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