Germany: Thoughts From Venus. The EU Dream Is Dead.


Dear Mark,

When I read Juncker’s ridiculous attempts to re-enter you, Britons, some thought came to me, and I send it to you.
Nigel Farage, head of the exit party UKIP, in the EU Parliament said: “Juncker has never had a decent job”!!

He is right.
And anyway, he cannot practice the job of the President of the EU Commission decently.


And here is my comment.

Mr Junker

Juncker got a “nerve exit”!
He still cannot believe that he has lost the most beautiful bride in the EU -England.
It cannot be explained otherwise that he now pretends that everything can (and should) be reversed.

The Brexit is a disaster, he says, a loss for all. Blame it are only a few politicians, not the English people.
He is generous: The EU has not kicked out England, we would like to keep it, and if they want to stay we will find a solution.

And Tusk adds: our hands stay outstretched.

Mr Tusk


The truth is: EU is the loser in this situation, disaster is when you stay in the EU. When it comes to Brexit, the Brits will have gained their versatile freedom, and the EU will lose a strong partner.

Some have understood that being an EU member is a disaster.
Everyone has understood that the model EU does not work.

England can open its own club with Scandinavia, Iceland, Finland, the Baltic States, and perhaps even the Netherlands, to which perhaps Switzerland and Austria may then join.

And Germany can supply the impoverished Mediterranean area.

In any case, the real  political Britons fortunately no longer have a vision of Europe, so it is more than embarrassing to try to convince the people to go in again with the kitsch of the open arms or with the sloppiness of the economic catastrophe, where soon nobody wants to go in anymore.


My best regards












Mr Gove – Animal Welfare Minister – UK







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