USA: Don’t Let Them Destroy Animal Protection Laws. MAGA ? – Dont Think So – The Very Opposite Actually.

SAV  Comment – Don’t really know what to say about this.  One of  Team Trump obviously trying to make a name for himself  – for what ? – are there any personal interests in attempting to introduce this legislation again ? – otherwise, what is the real point ? – vested Republican interests ?

This is really now down to the good people of the USA to stop this.  Under Trump; animals are getting a bad time;

The world is watching this and it is fully aware of the frightening situation. 

MAGA ? – NOT when it comes to environmental issues that include animal welfare and protection.

America – the world is watching

if you really want to even attempt to MAGA, then get this farce stopped and stopped now.  We are in the UK and like the world, watching your every move !


Don’t Let Them Destroy Animal Protection Laws

If a devastating measure from Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) passes, animal protection laws that activists have worked decades to achieve could be nullified in an instant.

Trigger Happy Steve King out on a hunt.

Says it all really !


Dog meat bans could be overturned in states like New York and Georgia.

California’s ban on cruel foie gras could become void.

Hens could be forced to live in filthy, disease-ridden battery cages in states where such confinement is now outlawed.

And puppy mills that sell sick, abused dogs could be unstoppable.


??? – By Doing This ??

We must fight back against King’s deceptively titled Protect Interstate Commerce Act (HR 4879/HR 3599), which would block states’ authority to enact their own laws against animal cruelty and unsafe food in agricultureDon’t let this terrible measure pass!



  • Click here to sign the petition urging congressional leaders to reject this dangerous legislation.

  • Then, call your representative and state senators at (202) 224-3121 to respectfully tell them you are a concerned constituent and urge them to stand against HR 4879/HR 3599 and instead support laws that protect animals from abuse.

  • Follow up with an email message.


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