Canada: The Few That Give A Whole Nation A Terrible Name For Cruelty.

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Stop the Bloodshed

This week marked the start of Canada’s brutal commercial seal hunt, when hunters beat baby seals to death with clubs, skin the animals for their fur and leave the carcasses to rot on the blood-stained ice. Most of the helpless seals are younger than 3 months old.

Global sales of seal products have plummeted, with seal fur banned in the US, EU, Russia, India and more.

Yet Canada’s government keeps the slaughter going with millions of dollars in subsidies. It’s time to stop the killing.



  • Then, email Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at and urge him to stop the bloodshed

Sample Letter

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

It’s time to end Canada’s brutal commercial seal hunt and spare innocent baby seals from being beaten and shot to death for profit. By continuing to subsidize commercial sealers, the Canadian government is directly contributing to animal cruelty and tarnishing the entire country’s image to the rest of the world. I urge you to show that Canada is a compassionate and forward-thinking nation by cutting all funding and banning the commercial seal hunt for good.












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