Bigs Hell in Spain! But the EU Commission says: “the “El Pozo scandal” is an isolated case”!!!

EU Commission assesses the “El Pozo scandal” as an isolated case and does not initiate punitive measures!


(Well-com again to the “Do Nothing” Factory from EU!!)

At the end of February, MEP Stefan Bernhard Eck put a written question to the Commission to draw attention to the horrific events revealed by the Animal Equality animal welfare organization in a pig farm in Spain that owns the meat group EL Pozo supplies. He asked whether the Commission would sanction non-compliance with EU regulations, or at least request clarification from the Spanish authorities.

On 15.05.2018, almost three months later, Eck’s office finally received the Commission’s response: they had learned from the media about the case of El Pozo and had turned to the competent authorities. These would have to “promise to remedy the situation”. However, the Commission considered that it was a “case-by-case”, so that sanctions under the Regulation on official controls, in which Stefan Eck had worked as shadow rapporteur, were not considered, and only systematic failure to comply with the relevant EU rules would justify such measures.

Conclusion: Once again, an animal welfare and food scandal is not sufficiently addressed and taken as an isolated case, although the Commission is aware, that violations of EU animal welfare regulations in all Member States are the rule!

For those who do not know, what the “El Pozo scandal” is!

Animal Equality published shocking footage from a pig farm in Alhama de Murcia, Spain in early February 2018. The company is part of a company that supplies the meat producer El Pozo. The sausages from El Pozo are also sold in German supermarkets such as Edeka and Rewe as well as in the online marketplace of

The research was done in collaboration with the prestigious Spanish TV program Salvados, presented by the well-known presenter Jordi Évole. On Sunday, February 4, the research was first broadcast on Spanish television and nationwide followed by a huge number of viewers. The cruel conditions in the factory have shocked even the experienced investigators of Animal Equality. The pictures show, among others:

-sick pigs with huge pus-bumps and severe cases of intestinal breakages, which do not receive any veterinary care,
-dying and dead animals in some advanced state of asphyxiation lying between the surviving ones,
-Animals that can barely move due to their weaknesses and are injured by conspecifics after days without food or even eaten alive,
-sick and injured pork babies suffering torment without veterinary care,
-Pigs that have to live in catastrophic hygienic conditions in their own excrements,
– Containers overflowing with dead animals and fly maggots.





Experts are horrified

Animal Equality presented the recordings to Ignacio Arija, director of the Institute of Animal Husbandry at the Complutense University of Madrid. The livestock expert was appalled: “If you had told me that these scenes came from a country without any animal welfare legislation, I would have believed it, but not in the European Union, there should not be anything like that here, just like us there is something like that. […] Something like that has to be reported. “

Veterinarian Ignacio Mercadal, who has analyzed the video material and authored a veterinary report, concludes: “The magnitude and severity of the injuries suggest that the pigs have not been treated by veterinarians for an extended period of time.”

In the link is also the petition. Please sign and distribute



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