England: Have A Drink On Us – 4,000 Posts and Growing !

We did not even notice but we can announce that we have now passed 4.000 posts on the site – 4,002 to be exact.

You can see all the months for the last 13 years or so on the left hand side of the page – just click on any month to read what was done at the time.

Nothing to celebrate really – as there is a lot of bad news.  Would be great if everything was sorted positively for the animals and this site did not need to exist.  But it does and we hope you find some of our posts of interest.  Sadly we guess that there will always be cruelty and animal abuse; but we think it fair to say that even over the past 10 years or more, we have seen so many positives.  There will always be that sector of the human race who get kicks out of cruelty; but we aim to expose and inform on them whenever we get the chance.

The reason that I created SAV all those years ago has still not achieved its aim – to provide compassion, respect and dignity to all the strays of Serbia.  Politics has been the main brick wall that we have faced – and at the moment it is no better.  All I can say is that today, 2018, a lot more people are aware of the suffering of Serbian strays than they were about 14 years ago when SAV was founded.  People are power, and knowledge is more power – and the good people of Serbia will achieve their desired results eventually.  The situation as it is cannot and will not go on.



I was diagnosed with MS about 19 years ago.  I have experienced a few dark corners since.

It blew my loved ones, job and general world apart – but you fight to continue.


There is a little about MS at  https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/about-us/  plus some videos of beautiful girls who have been hit by this problem.

Why the fuck does a beautiful girl like Tricia suffer ?

What I really want to say to people is that you do what you want to do.  If I had taken the advice of many all that time ago; SAV would never have gotten off the ground; and who knows, Serbian strays may still have been suffering in silence.  Now we also have a massive SAV Facebook group   https://www.facebook.com/groups/SerbianAnimalsVoice/   with over 1200 dedicated animal welfare campaigners – it provides a window for Serbian shelters and campaigners to inform the world of the wonderful work they are doing; whilst at the same time getting help with funding for food, veterinary costs and all the other things that shelters need.

We took the chance all those years ago – and in the early days we rejoiced at getting 15 people visit the site each day.  Now today, our daily visits  go into the hundreds – each visit being someone who is being informed and educated about the suffering of animals around the world.  So in that sense we are getting somewhere.

So, live the dream; take the chance and in many cases, do not listen to the well meaning advice of others !.  You do what you want to do; suffer the good and bad times; but the main thing is do what you want to do.


Jill lived her dream – we still remember her courage for the baby calves exported in the live animal export trade.

Go where your dreams take you – it can be a very positive move !


Thanks for visiting the site and for having faith in what we do.

Mark and the crew.



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