The animal tormentor Nikos Logothetis is allowed to test animals again

The Board of Directors of the Max Planck Society sees no reason to continue to prohibit Logothetis from carrying out animal experiments.


Foto: SOKO, Primate in Max-Planck Institute

Such animal abusers are protected by corrupt governments.
They are all called “Dr. Mengele “.
They daily massacre thousands of defenseless attempt animals to satisfy their curiosity and sadism and call it “research”.
Politicians allow this pointless crime because they deserve too.
Human health is suffering, the animals are suffering, the lab mafia and the state are making money.
That’s our money.

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My best regards, Venus


2 Responses

  1. No wonder. We live in sick world. It’s all about the money and the most of governmental bodies are corrupted all over the word. Also, silly projects drag the money, where the psychos , disguised as scientists, prove that the water is fluid , to satisfy their sick egos. No ethic, no humanity.

  2. Well said.

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