the execution of a rightless animal

Imagine this execution in another version!

In the middle of the street but the death candidate is a human. Onlookers stand and look around, the phones work in full time. Everyone wants to photograph and show the last minutes of a criminal.
A criminal?

Some sensitive ones would ask, what did this person commit for a crime?
And the answer is, he just wanted to live.

This is what the real death candidate in the picture, the monkey, wanted: just live!
He was born in the jungle and was happy with his family.

Until the moment when a criminal slave-owner enslaved him, tortured him every day, and lived without his conspecific without his family. He denied him any right to liberty, self-determination, and joy, so that mindless spectators have fun with him and he could earn money with it.
He did what he wanted with him.
Maybe he is old now or slavery has made him aggressive, he is no longer useful, so the hangman has decided to kill him publicly.
A public execution also brings money.
When it comes to animals.

No! we can not imagine a public execution for humans, because humans have rights and protection, animals are still slaves and have no rights. Nowhere!

How deep must humanity have fallen morally to allow such criminals?
As deep as a convinced fascist!
Because that’s all of us when it comes to animals: convinced fascists!

My best regards, Venus


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