Ecuador: Waorani`s victory against oil companies!

The Ecuadorian Waoranis tribe is celebrating a court ruling that blocks access to oil companies that have been trying for years to oil in the Amazon.

The government of Ecuador had released about 180,000 hectares for oil drilling.

Although the state of Ecuador possessed the mineral wealth, it had to first discuss plans for a possible use of resources with indigenous groups, the court said after a two-week trial and there was a request by the Waorani.


The government of Ecuador reached an agreement with the Waorani on the search for oil in 2012, but the Waorani declared in court that they had been deceived.
As a result, the court ordered new talks to transpose the provisions of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (CIDH) based in Costa Rican San José.
As already written, a historic victory, but against this decision the government of Ecuador can and will proceed.

“Our territory gives us life. We will not allow oil drilling to poison our streams and our fishing areas.
We will not allow explosives to be placed in our hunting grounds for earthquake testing.
The construction of railway tracks, pipelines or roads is not permitted. We do not realize what the government calls oilblock 22. Our woodland is not an oil block, it is our life “- said the Waorani in an open letter >>>

You can sign up to support the Waorani


In the northeastern part of the Amazon Basin in Ecuador is one of the last large jungle areas of the earth whose vast biodiversity has been largely preserved.

Yasuní National Park has a single hectare of forest that is as diverse as the Mexican, US and Canadian communities. In 1989 the area was declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco.

We are very happy and congratulate the brave fighters!!

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Peni and his mother



This is the little orangutan boy Peni and his mother. They are victims of deforestation.
They were evicted from their homes because their palm oil habitat was destroyed.

Excavators have driven them out!

They fled and were hungry, so out of desperation they came to a village of people.

There they were captured and tied up.

Manor rather a remarkable depiction of the worst of our speciestook only 16 years to destroy half of the orangutans on the island of Borneo!

Not until March did a small baby orangutan die of hunger after the mother was shot with 74 bullets.
For three days, the lumberjacks chased the orangutan mother and shot her straight in the eye. The animal went blind, because the poachers shot targeted at his eyes. The doctors found four bullets in the left eye and two in the right.

Nevertheless, and luckily, Gamekeepers who found them were able to save the adult but not the one month old baby. It died of an infection caused by malnutrition because his mother could not breastfed him anymore.

The little Peni is lucky, they were rescued by the NGO International Animal Rescue, which also works in Indonesia!
It breaks our heart when you have to look at these pictures.

My comment: Man does not evolve.
Obviously, a moral change in the consciousness of the human species is not subject to an evolutionary autopilot.
In other words, what we did not understand centuries ago can not be understood today too.

That animals are not our slaves, not our food, not our torture objects.

We no longer burn witches, because the term is abolished.
We do not gas any Jews in crematoria because criminal racism is prohibited
We do not throw away disabled children, as in Sparta, because children have rights.
And yet: one still lives on the tree in terms of morality towards the animals
Underdeveloped, smug assholes, that’s us.

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because every life is worth it…



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2000 piglets burned alive


“On the 21st of April, Easter Sunday, two stables with thousands of pigs have gone up in flames in Klein-Wanzleben, district in Saxony (Germanx) The cause of the fire in the pig farm is still unclear. It was also unclear whether the animals burned or suffocated on the gases. The smoke column was temporarily seen from 20 kilometers away.


The buildings are in full bloom, said Enrico Grube from the police station Börde. In the total of nine pig farms, it is estimated that between 45 000 and 75 000 pigs are housed – more exact figures are not available.”

How many pigs are housed in a fattening system, we learn when, for example, a fire breaks out.

It was only last year that 109 of 180 piglets died in an animal transport in the region because the transporter was overloaded.
Did you know that the small piglets from different countries are being carted to Germany? More than 16 million pigs are imported from abroad each year to Germany.

56.6 million pigs are slaughtered in Germany, because Germany is one of the largest meat exporters in the world.

The animal rights organization ARIWA, through undercover investigations in 2015 and in the same place, found that there were serious, unavoidable animal welfare violations in the local farms. The animals there suffer in a way that we humans can hardly imagine (we are still talking about the same farm!!)


The terrible pictures in video with the illegal housing conditions for the animals come from the fattening farm which at that time belonged to the pig-baron Straathof.
Whether today the same plant, where 2000 lives were burned alive, still belongs to this criminal, we do not know.

And it’s not easy to find out.

Because this corrupt system operates hand in hand with the meat mafia and with all those who are actually the pillar of this system. Animal abusers, environmental criminals, meat and hunting mafia all of these are well protected by the system.



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Vietnam: 2 Performing Circus Bear Cubs Now Rescued by Animals Asia.


Regarding our recent post about 2 little bears who were being abused in a Vietnamese circus:

Well we can now provide an update from Animals Asia – the little bears have been removed from the Circus, given a health check by AA and have now been moved on to their sanctuary. Very rapid responses and actions by the brilliant Animals Asia – thanks to them once again.

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Serbia – Can you give a donation to help 90 Dogs in need ?

Serbia – Can you give a donation to help 90 Dogs in need ?

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England – Another Terrible Loss – John Callaghan.

England – Another Terrible Loss – John Callaghan.


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