Germany: finally a historical judgment for a mass murder!


A farmer was sentenced on Friday in Ulm (West germany) because of animal cruelty to three years imprisonment. Animal rights activists of SOKO Organisation had uncovered the abuses in a pigsty in Merklingen ( West Germany).


Image: SOKO

The 56-year-old farmer from Merklingen (Alb-Donau-Kreis, West Germany) is responsible for the deaths of a total of 1,600 pigs due to catastrophic conditions in the completely overcrowded and filthy stables, the court said Friday. They found carcasses, bitten off tails, shredded ears. In addition, the defendant killed two animals with a hammer.

Closure: 160 animals had to be killed immediately after becoming aware of the abuses, the operation was closed. The accused, who was confessed, received a lifelong animal keeping ban. The judge cited the “rudeness” of the farmer: he had inflicted considerable pain and suffering on animals.

From a “historical judgment in Ulm” animal rights activists speak of the “miracle of Merklingen”, of a “breakthrough”.  Ulm District Court on 15 March 2019 sentenced a pigmeat from Merklingen for animal cruelty to a prison sentence of three years. With “Oh, finally,” many would have welcomed the verdict, says Friedrich Mülln, spokesman for the association Soko Animal Welfare, who testified in the process as a witness. The Soko had revealed in 2016 the catastrophic abuses in the pigsty.



All this is not in China! it is in Germany! And it is the standard business model of the meat mafia whose employees are usually freed from any guilt, no matter how big or how small the crimes they commit against animals are.

Hopefully the verdict of the Ulm court will lead to a stricter control in the farms and a certain inhibition against the sadism of the slaveholders.


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