Who gets the garbage?


Did you know that plastic waste is carted around the world and sometimes back?
We have to say that more than 320 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced worldwide every year and only an estimated 9% are recycled.
About 80% land in landfills or are dumped in the oceans because they do not know where to go!

In the case of plastic garbage, the Europeans top the list.


Nowhere in Europe does more per capita packaging waste accumulate than in Germany.
And so no one notices, they have simply brought the plastic waste to China. But Europe needs to find a new home for the nearly three million tons of plastic, as that amount has been exported to China.

China presented the world with a 111 million ton garbage problem.
But one has been looking for new customers and so the plastic waste ends up in Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.
In Vietnam, a part lands in the ocean, no one notices.
And the fish then eat the plastic and so the plastic waste comes back to Europe. Enjoy your meal!


China doesn’t want our garbage anymore – where to go now?

For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/04/25/who-gets-the-garbage/

My best regards, Venus

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