Peni and his mother



This is the little orangutan boy Peni and his mother. They are victims of deforestation.
They were evicted from their homes because their palm oil habitat was destroyed.

Excavators have driven them out!

They fled and were hungry, so out of desperation they came to a village of people.

There they were captured and tied up.

Manor rather a remarkable depiction of the worst of our speciestook only 16 years to destroy half of the orangutans on the island of Borneo!

Not until March did a small baby orangutan die of hunger after the mother was shot with 74 bullets.
For three days, the lumberjacks chased the orangutan mother and shot her straight in the eye. The animal went blind, because the poachers shot targeted at his eyes. The doctors found four bullets in the left eye and two in the right.

Nevertheless, and luckily, Gamekeepers who found them were able to save the adult but not the one month old baby. It died of an infection caused by malnutrition because his mother could not breastfed him anymore.

The little Peni is lucky, they were rescued by the NGO International Animal Rescue, which also works in Indonesia!
It breaks our heart when you have to look at these pictures.

My comment: Man does not evolve.
Obviously, a moral change in the consciousness of the human species is not subject to an evolutionary autopilot.
In other words, what we did not understand centuries ago can not be understood today too.

That animals are not our slaves, not our food, not our torture objects.

We no longer burn witches, because the term is abolished.
We do not gas any Jews in crematoria because criminal racism is prohibited
We do not throw away disabled children, as in Sparta, because children have rights.
And yet: one still lives on the tree in terms of morality towards the animals
Underdeveloped, smug assholes, that’s us.

My best regards, Venus

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