For the mother day


Who does not know it? We all know the lovely advertising signs: “Our mother is the best”. The love of the mother is considered one of the strongest feelings ever.
But it is always forgotten that nonhuman mothers are not allowed to experience this feeling.

And I think today especially of them.

I remember the chickens who are locked up to lay eggs until their bodies are completely exhausted. I think of their male children, who never knew their mothers, because they are gassed or shredded shortly after their birth and after the first “beep”.



I commemorate the pig-mothers who are pressed into crates or farrowing rods as living birth-machines.

I remember the newborn piglets looking for maternal warmth, and the only thing they can find is a trapped mother behind bars, who often crushes her own children.

I remember all the animal mothers, such as cows, goats or sheep, whose children are taken away shortly after birth and, because of human consumption and they never can give them their milk – year after year.

For today’s Mother’s Day torments me again the fatal question why we allow this nightmare of all non-human mothers?

They do not want to be locked up, not even a bit, but not at all. They do not want to be exploited, not even a bit, but not at all.
Also, they do not want to be in pain, not even a bit, but not at all.
And they also do not want to be killed, not even “lovingly”, but not at all.
Everyone has the right to integrity, freedom, live, including nonhuman animals, whether we like it or not.

And the fact that the exploitation of all animal beings is a basic principle of our moral system, not an exception, is definitely the most despicable point in the genealogy of the human race, for which one can never be sufficiently ashamed.



My best regards to all, Venus


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