Miniature exhibition with great effect


Naked women on milking machines, conveyor belts that transport newly born babies to a shredder: Such difficult to bear motifs can be seen in the exhibition!


The Miniature Museum “Miniatur Wunderland” in Hamburg makes various exhibitions on almost 1,500 square meters model area.
The rooms are home to the largest model railway system in the world but it also keeps attracting attention with political messages.

This happened last week with animal welfare scenes that were built into the mini-landscape and deliberately provoke. The model makers had posted photos of the individual scenes on Thursday on their Facebook page..

This poster campaign  against mass animal husbandry raises criticism. In the model railway exhibition mini-posters hang on which, for example, women are connected to milking machines, babies are driven directly after birth in the shredder or people sitting in mast stands. 

“Good idea, very creative,” comments one user.
Another praises: “Great! It’s great that you show so much backbone, even if you certainly snub some of your customers / visitors.”

But the Farmers Association Schleswig-Holstein called the action on Facebook “abnormal” (!!!)

A dispute between farmers and the Miniatur Wunderland had set in, which has been going on for days!


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My comment: Hate, anger, shitstorm, war … we all know that from the farmer.

The farmers’ association in Germany is one of the most powerful authorities. Now that the peasants have the boundless support of the incompetent and unscrupulous Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner becomes even more outrageous and impudence.

But the peasants have to mobilize. It does not look good with them und theri Minister. Undercover investigations, lawsuits for violation of the animal protection law, bad image in the media …It’s getting serious.

And now this “abnormal” exhibition in Hamburg …Oh God!
That’s why they write long posts in Facebook against the exhibition day and night.

Let them work a bit..
Except torment animals, beat animals, tie animals in chains, slaughter animals, the  farmers are doing nothing else and that is not job.
This is live out of criminal energy, which is subsidized by our tax money.

My best regards to all, Venus


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