Strays: the streets victims


This dog was just thrown in the trash. The owner had moved to another location and did not want to take her dog. When the garbage was to be picked up after 6 days, the men noticed that something was moving in a plastic bag and found the totally emaciated dog and rescued him.
But many dogs do not have this luck.
It is summer time and many pack kids and cones and travel. Only one family member will like to forget, the dog.

Thousands of animals are also exposed in Germany every summer.


It is supposed to be fifteen million pets that are maltreated, neglected or abandoned every year.


If they are captured, they live in shelters the rest of their lives or are cruelly killed by the authorities.

We call for an international animal welfare law to deal ethically with stray dogs and cats in all member states of the EU.


If they are captured, they live in shelters for the rest of their lives or are killed by the authorities.

If they are not captured, they spend their lives hungry on the streets or are brutally slaughtered. From people who see animals as objects or even as pests that can be maltreated, tortured and killed. And without being punished.

When catching fatally injured

Countless dogs and cats are caught by unqualified animal catchers. These often use brutal methods. Sometimes stun weapons are used, which injure some animals so much that they die a painful death on the spot.

In front of scared children

Especially before major international “events”, the authorities “clean up” the streets with mass murders. Often this happens in front of the eyes of frightened passers – by and children.

We call on the EU to enact a law that regulates the protection of pets and the ethical dealings with strays in all member states.

The aim of this law is to protect the animals and reduce the strays ethically. This law should, inter alia, consider the following points:

– Registration obligation for all strays

– Castration obligation for all strays

– Establishment of an International Animal Cruelty Register linked to the lifelong prohibition of activities related to animals


Please sign and share the Petition:

Thank you for raising your voice for the animals today.

My comment: I have three cats, all from ” rescue service for wild animals” in my city.

The two siblings dropped off in an asparagus field in heavy winter because they were not purebred.

They were only 2 weeks old. Both were frozen and half dead.
The third was a move victim. Some brainworms have moved and left her in the garden.

She was one year old and cried for 5 days in the cold. Nobody wanted to take her!

Earlier, we thought, that only happens in southerners. Here in Germany it is exactly the same.
It’s just so! We correct the deeds of the criminals of this society every day. In every way!


We can not save all the strays, but many of us can give a nice home to one or two animals.
You will have a faithful friend for life.

Best regards to all, Venus


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  1. Unimaginable shame shame shame. We beg anyone who can to please please help the innocents.

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