USA: Demand Real Leadership at the EPA. Take Action.

Demand Real Leadership at the EPA

Bill Wehrum—assistant administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the architect of President Trump’s unconscionable attacks on clean air and climate regulations—has resigned.

Wehrum oversaw efforts to roll back safeguards that limit air pollution and attempted to dismantle the landmark Clean Power Plan. Now is the time for the public to mobilize and tell the EPA’s leaders to start upholding the agency’s mission of protecting the American people and our environment.

President Trump’s Assistant EPA Administrator Bill Wehrum — the chief architect of Trump’s unconscionable attacks on landmark climate regulations — has resigned amid scrutiny over possible ethics violations.

Wehrum, along with EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, is responsible for attempting to dismantle many lifesaving protections for our environment and health, including EPA’s clean car standards and the Clean Power Plan, our two most important federal efforts to reduce carbon emissions in the US.

This is a critical moment for the EPA — and our best chance to mobilize a massive public outcry demanding real leadership at the agency.

Take action now: Tell Trump and the EPA to reverse course and fulfill its mission to defend the fundamental regulations that protect our environment, our health, and our climate.

Take action now – click here:


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