Congratulations Hawaii –Monsanto’s new defeat!



In Hawaii, the “experimental laboratory” of the chemical giants Monsanto, the year-long struggle of the Hawaiians was worthwhile, because Monsanto pleads guilty in court to have used a banned pesticide.

Finally, in the US, Bayer / Monsanto is being overrun by an ever-growing process avalanche over the controversial herbicide Glyphosate (there are already 42,700 plaintiffs), and lawyers in Canada are launching a $ 500 million class action lawsuit against Roundup creators.



With more and more people protesting in Hawaii, especially as the disease has been proven to increase, Monsanto invested millions of dollars in anti-protest campaigns.

Finally, Monsanto has agreed to pay a fine of ten million dollars.

Far too little, considering that Hawaiians became guinea pigs without first being informed.

The “paradise” has the highest birth defects. Actually, the EU should respond now, but you were aware that it would be contrary to EU law, if an EU country pronounces a ban on the glyphosate-containing weed killer Roundup?

It is not only unbelievable, it is criminal!



There are already 42,700 claimants in the US. They went to court because the weed killer Roundup is said to cause cancer.
Bayer / Monsanto is also being sued in Australia for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Now, Canada is adding a class action lawsuit.

The air for Bayer is getting thinner and thinner. The large-scale PR campaigns do not help either.



For years people in Hawaii have been fighting against Monsanto.
The scientific and medical evidence of the dangers to human health posed by pesticides is staggering in Hawaii.

When sprayed and the wind blows down from the fields into the city, the inhabitants complain of burning eyes, headaches and vomiting.

Hawaii is Monsanto’s agricultural center and at the same time a huge experimental field for its new products.

With 1,381 fields in the state of Hawaii, Monsanto tests chemicals, genetically modified plants and sells seeds to other agricultural companies.

With more and more people protesting in Hawaii, especially as the disease has been proven to increase, Monsanto has invested millions of dollars in anti-protest campaigns, and now has to pay a fine of $ 6 million and $ 4 million to non-profit organizations of the Hawaiian government.



And another message is likely to shake the chemical giant Bayer, there are more lawsuits against glyphosate added.

Diamond & Diamond, a national personal injury law firm in Canada, is filing a $ 500 million class action lawsuit against various Roundup manufacturers, including the pharmaceutical company Bayer, the owner of Roundup’s Monsanto.


“Diamond & Diamond” manages this largest class action lawsuit in Canada against Roundup makers. Currently, more than 60 people are named as plaintiffs, but the law firm announces that it believes that thousands of plaintiffs could come.

Darryl Singer, director of commercial and civil litigation at Diamond & Diamond, says the plaintiffs involved in this class action sought not only financial compensation but also what he calls “behavioral change” so that the same thing will not happen to others in the future products in Canada repeated.

“If there are not those lawsuits that force companies like Monsanto to issue these large checks, the giants have no incentive to change their business practices,” says Singer.

Singer says the plaintiffs have also been diagnosed with other forms of cancer, including brain tumors and lung cancer.



More and more outrages are coming to light. It has recently become public that the Group operates a so-called “Intelligence Fusion Center” to discredit journalists and critics.

Revelations show that the billionaire Monsanto spent a lot of time, money and staff to silence unpleasant journalists and critics, but to no avail, as the many complaints show.

My comment: There was a man from the farmer Association on TV, who said that you could drink glyphosate without hesitation, completely non-toxic, nothing happens.
Pity! that he has not even taken a sip in front of the camera!

Now the good news from the newspaper onvista: Bayer: Next glyphosate defeat – jury demands over $ 2 billion – share crashes on the stock market at € 54.35!

Hopefully it goes more down below, then the Chairman is gone, gone, gone!

May they all go broke and to hell!

Best regards to all, Venus

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