Israel: slaughterhouses like everywhere


An exclusive Glass Walls investigation inside Israel’s largest pig factory


“You took the pictures which – from your perspective – are the “sexiest” and “most painful” to watch and this is what you show”, says the manager of the horror slaughterhouse!



The factories that produce most of the meat that ends up on our plate, go to great lengths to keep their “business” secret.
And we make it them easy.

Most believe in happy cows that graze in the pasture with their calves, they believe that the neighbors’ pigs lose their miserable lives with a “humane” slaughter, we make it really easy for the meat mafia and therefore it can do undisturbed its criminal business with live animals

It is our participation, our approval wich does it possible.


No! this is not a private perspective, it is about making money, maximizing profit with torture, sadism, murder in accord.

And that is everyday life in slaughterhouses all over the world.
In some places worse, in some places it is better but that does not change the fact that all slaughterhouses in the world are places of horror.

Wherever the documents of this cruelty are sent to us, we will never tire of showing them.

Everyone needs to know who are the victims of this fascist system.


My best regards to all, Venus


One Response

  1. No! this is not a private perspective, this is an Animal Holocaust !They are killing my friends and thus killing me too, I shout aloud against these villains !

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