EU and Corona: totalitarianism for people, suffering for animals



Endless waiting times and cruel conditions at the border 🚚…
Ever since the EU member states closed their borders to contain the corona virus, we have received reports of kilometers of traffic jams at the borders.

Many animal transporters with live animals are stuck in these traffic jams.


Stau auf der A4 an der Grenze zu Polen
Image: xcitepress

The traffic jams mean additional hours of waiting for the animals, for example at the German-Polish or Bulgarian-Turkish border.
The animals are often crowded in the transporters and often do not even have access to water.

We receive reports of screaming cows 🐄 in the transporters.

Together with other NGOs, FOUR PAWS calls on the responsible EU ministers and the EU Commission to act now.

FOUR PAWS therefore calls for an immediate stop to the cross-border transport of live animals during the corona epidemic‼ ️

Please help us to end the horror and sign our petition ➡️


Sign and share the Petition:



And I mean…Totalitarian regulations currently apply to our social and private life because of Corona.

But the trucks with suffering animals are subject to the rules of the meat mafia, which stipulate that the slaughter business never has to stop.

To serve the carnivores who even in these difficult times share their solidarity only with their conspecifics.

My best regards to all, Venus


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