We are the real virus


“A powerful animal ally has appeared on Earth …”


All bullfights planned for March were canceled in Spain. Madrid, Valencia, Castellón, Murcia, Arnedo … wonderful!

Some optimists claim that the corona virus not only saves bulls from murder, but has also significantly dampened the hunters’ lust for murder.


This corona makes the earth breathe again!

A week without tourists and people, and the Venice canals are clean again and even dolphins swim in it.

The water is theirs again.

The dolphins have started to come out and can be seen again in Venice without fear.

Even wild boars come out to walk with their families.
This city is theirs now.

When humans set themselves aside, nature can start breathing again.

The swans pose like royalty in their element and seem to be happier than ever in this city.

The tourist attractions are their new home

They are also not afraid to go on group excursions

They also appeared everywhere in Japan

And ate what they wanted…

They were everywhere because they had returned home

They do not need quarantine either in Japan or in Italy, anywhere in the world

Because they were never the problem

Apparently, we were the real virus all the time.




My best regards to all, Venus


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