don’t be part of the evil machine

Many people seem to be under the impression that by buying a glass of milk is somehow “different” to buying a steak—not true.

The reality is that dairy is beef and beef is dairy.

You CANNOT fund one without funding the other.

Here’s how: when you buy a dairy product like cheese or milk, you pay for a cow to be fisted in order to impregnate them (so they can lactate) and create someone’s future steak.

Males will be murdered shortly after birth, and females will grow up as sex slaves having that whole process repeated to them until they, too, are sent to the slaughterhouse.

And the same is true of the other products of abuse that people buy.

The egg industry is the chicken industry.
The wool industry is the lamb industry.
To buy eggs or wool is to fund murder and slavery.

Stop being a cog in the evil machine.

Anonymous for the Voiceless

Regards and good night from Venus


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  1. ”There is more pain, suffering and sorrow in a glass of milk than in a piece of meat.” – Gary Francione.
    There is the suffering of a raped father, a raped mother, from whom a newborn baby is abducted, and the pain ,the suffering and sorrow of a hungry child and that slaughtered child and the slaughtered, tortured whole family. Now imagine someone doing this to your family. It’s the same.

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