The Corona show goes on and on …


The dream of a few is to accumulate so much power that they can rule and exploit the rest of humanity.
For this purpose, an epidemic is very welcome.

Because according to the will of leading billionaires and heads of government, it can be extended for years.

Merkel said: “The pandemic will not go away until we really have a vaccine.
Even if the numbers get a day better, it won’t go away (the pandemic) until we really have a vaccine that we can use to immunize the population. “

And so the continuation of the “epidemic dictatorship” becomes a necessity!

It goes without saying that vaccination itself is of no use because the virus will soon mutate. That’s why Gates and Merkel prefer to rely on the second wave. It shouldn’t slow down the resounding success of the pharmaceutical industry.

The entire “banana republic” is now desperately waiting for the second, third and fourth wave of COVID-19 disease.

Nice that Merkel has already understood it. Then we still need 80 million vaccinations.

So another 2-3 years!

Regards and a good night from Venus


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