Slaughterhouse: “they go from being alive to being in pieces”.

‘It’s horrible killing cows when you see how they do it,’ admits slaughterhouse worker.


A slaughterhouse worker has admitted that killing cows is ‘horrible when you see how they do it’.
The worker made the admission to the “Guardian”, who changed his name to Florin in a bid to retain his anonymity.

He was speaking to the outlet for a report about how meat industry workers in Ireland are seeing high rates of COVID-19 infections.

The report follows news that U.S. slaughterhouses are ‘hotspots’ for outbreaks.


Slaughterhouse work

Many animal advocates have spoken out about the horrors of working in slaughterhouses.

A piece published in January this year by vegan charity PETA discussed the work.

It said: “Animals are tortured and butchered in slaughterhouses, but they’re not the only ones who suffer. While it may be hard for kind people to feel sympathy for someone who is paid to kill animals, many slaughterhouse employees become mentally unwell, even suicidal, not long after working at the ghastly places”.

“Approximately two slaughterhouse workers have a limb cut off by slaughterhouse machinery each week. It’s not uncommon to hear of workers losing an eye, fracturing their fingers, or suffering from head trauma.”

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And I mean…Did I understand it correctly, that we should keep the slaughterhouses alive so that some people can continue to process living “things” into pieces?

Do slaughterhouse workers expect us to feel sorry for those who, unlike animals, have a way of avoiding exploitation and poor working conditions because they can look for another job?

Should we also feel sorry for a matador losing an egg or an eye during bullfighting?

It is the case with such professions that they always have a risk.

We are for animal rights and animals have no unions or associations to defend them.

We wonder what is the purpose of this article.

If it is intended that the “horror” conditions for slaughterhouse workers have priority and should be improved urgently, so that torture and murder in slaughterhouses continue as before, then we can realize a well-known media propaganda for a system that is the most cruel of human history.

Best regards to all, Venus


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