EU Commission: Association against animal welfare


The EU Commission with its 27 members (after Brexit) is a supranational body and has the executive’s tasks in the political system.
In other words: it is the “police” of the EU area.
It is called the “guardian of the treaties” and makes sure that all EU countries abide by the law.

As soon as a violation in animal transport is sufficiently proven (and there are not only sufficient videos of it, but also shocking), it can turn the EU Court of Justice against a member state.

One thing has to be said about this: the members of the EU Commission are not elected by the EU citizens, but by the EU Parliament.
The same applies to the head of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

Of course, the majority of the EU Parliament is necessary for the EU Commission election (members and presidents), but if we take into account that EU is = Germany, we know who is voting for whom!

The EU tolerates constant breaches of contract, and one of them is their shameless inaction against the video-documented manure stands during animal transport.

And not only!

– The EU Commission finally dropped the 8hours campaign (under the then health commissioner John Dalli, who was removed due to corruption), despite the 1.2 million signatures.

-The EU Commission refuses to ban animal transports to third world countries.

-To date, the EU Commission has ignored the end the cage age campaign with 1.1 million votes. In Portugal and Spain, the alternative forms of keeping hardly play a role. Cage systems dominate there with over 90% of hens. Poland also primarily relies on cage systems (88.5%)

– About 13 million pigs end up in animal carcass annually because they die on the farm or have to be killed. Germany’s Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner has extended the (illegal) pig box for another 17 years.

– Every year around 7 billion male chicks are killed-gassed or ground- as soon as they hatch just because they are male. The German parliament decided in 2016 not to ban the practice. It was feared that a ban would weaken German agriculture.

The EU Commission is not taking any action.


All of this, and is just a few examples, takes place with the subsidies and support of the largest agricultural lobby, the EU Commission.

The animal rights activists, but also the enlightened citizens of Europe are fed up with the fact that in Brussels a caste of oligarchs, shamelessly and without respect for agreed laws, acts practically against the animals.

Eurogroup for Animals writes: “We trust that the Commission’s assessment – and the accompanying consultation – will lead to concrete measures aimed at improving existing legislation and introducing new legislation to adequately protect other species”.

It takes a great deal of naivety to speak of “trust” if we have only experienced ignorance, inaction and indifference from the EU Commission in the past.

My best regards to all, Venus


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