This is the life we make for animals


We are brought up as children with the racist prejudice to deny other beings the rights that we only recognize for our species and call human rights.
We already learn as children that animals are born to serve us as slaves, to be killed for our purposes.

The only time we come into contact with all the billions of animals is when we eat them, dress them, swallow them as drugs for which they have been tortured in laboratories.

Meat producers and meat consumers are one front, work hand in hand, and each side enjoys their privileges: the meat mafia lies to consumers with organic fairy tales, humane slaughtering, and animal protection laws that are systematically disregarded.

This is how they do the billions in business with modern slaves.

And consumers want to be lied to and literally buy a clear conscience for their meat consumption with “organic meat”, “my farmer next door”, “I rarely eat meat”.

In doing so, they are eliminating the cruel reality of animal suffering by ignoring it.

This is the only way they can maintain their consumption.

Despite videos, undercover investigations, media reports, demonstrations, Internet information … Animal rights are disregarded and are only observed if they do not limit our privileges.

No animal deserves to live as a slave, to be treated as a product or commodity.
Never forget it and stop eating animals.

Vegan is healthy, vegan is ecological, vegan prevents immense animal suffering.

My best regards to all, Venus

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