Bonjour, Emmanuel Macron!


Since you support hunting with hounds and digging up foxes, these One Voice images might interest you.

🦊 Those who are against, thank you for mobilizing here:

(original text): Étant donné que vous soutenez la chasse à courre et le déterrage des renards, ces images One Voice
pourraient vous intéresser.
🦊 Ceux qui sont contre, merci de vous mobiliser ici :

” Killing animals is not violent, ” say the hunters.

And I say: There is only one permanent problem in nature, one with long-term damage and that is the hunters who are only interested in one thing in the forest, namely to kill defenseless animals for fun.

They are criminals!
And these are their daily crimes
Protected by criminal politics
with criminal journalism
with ignorant societies
And that’s what happens in the EU! whose countries call themselves civilized!

The corruption of a state can be recognized by the fact that it shows itself too weak and too cowardly to prohibit such crimes.

My best regards to all, Venus


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