Martin celebrates his 15th Birthday

(from the diary of the animal sanctuary “Butenland”, Germany)

Today, Martin, a heavyweight Butenlander, celebrates his 15th birthday, who only knows the suffering of the other members of the herd from their stories. Just like Mattis, this ox was born right here on the farm after a bull from the neighborhood managed to get past our fences and had a short rendezvous with Martina.

A good 9 months after this intense flirtation Martin saw the light of day.

The only problem he had to live through since then is his rather resolute mum.

For 18-year-old Martina is by no means a mother hen like Dina, Jette, or Tilda, but has instead fully embraced the concept of independence and accordingly pressed the stable keys into Martin’s claw after only 12 months of parenthood.

After that, the two of them did have contact from time to time, but our softie could only dream of mother’s milk and the encounters with his mum were limited, if at all, for a short morning greetings.

But this did not harm Martin, he still grew up to an impressive 1,200-kilo ox, which has the most individual horns on all of Butenland.

Of course, we check them regularly to make sure they don’t press on his forehead. However, a newspaper can still fit through the gap to his head at any time and, purely in terms of the course of growth, this will most likely not change.

Julchen was invited to the birthday party and of course the professional party-crasher team Anna and Fine also paid their respects.

At the end of the party, even Mama Martina came over to eat leftovers.
No wonder that the party was a real blast and the birthday child had a lot of fun.

And I mean…“A different coexistence of humans and animals is possible. This is shown by this sensitive film” is on the cover sheet of the video.

Yes! we agree! There is nothing better than that we can experience the animals in freedom, happiness, and peace.
Some sanctuaries made it their life’s mission and one of them is Hof Butenland, one of the best in Germany.

There is also a movie about this “cow paradise”.

The movie “Butenland” shows how old and sick animals can live in peace on the farm of the same name until they die.
You can see some excerpts here.

My best regards to all, Venus


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