France: a “hunting nation” changes its hunting policy

France takes turtledove under protection!

Paris seems to be turning its hunting policy 180 degrees: After the use of limed rods for catching birds was banned only two weeks ago, the Supreme Administrative Court has now completely stopped lovebird hunting.

The migratory bird has seen a dramatic decline in populations in recent decades – not least because of the completely unrestrained hunting in France and Italy.

In recent years, the Committee against Bird Murder and its partners have used campaigns and actions to draw attention to the dramatic situation with the turtledove in particular – we only submitted a complaint against France to the EU Commission this spring.

Brussels has finally taken the reins and is putting considerable pressure on the countries where endangered bird species are still allowed to be shot en masse.

This success cannot be rated highly enough, because France has so far been one of the great “hunting nations” that have blocked any progress in protecting migratory birds.

We now expect similar restrictions as with the turtle dove for species such as the curlew and the skylark.


And I mean...A great success! France impressed us with its revolutionary spirit this year!

You made it! May other countries follow your example
Germany, for example!

above: France

below: Germany


My best regards to all, Venus


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