Czechia: end of wild animal abuse in circuses!

++ SUCCESS +++

The Chamber of Deputies in the Czech Parliament votes for a ban on dressage and a ban on the appearance of wild animals in circuses.
The house has just passed the end of wild animal abuse in circuses!

The ban has yet to be voted on in the House of Representatives and signed by the President, but the hardest part has already been done.

We congratulate the animal rights organization Svoboda zvířat on this success, which PETA is promoting as part of the Year of Change 2019/20. their project dealt explicitly with the ban on wild animals. ❤

 PETA Germany

And I mean…Yes, such news brings joy to our everyday life.

In the meantime, 26 EU countries have already banned or at least restricted the keeping of wild animals in traveling circuses.

We in Germany are still begging for a wild animal-free circus. Without success!

You can’t say we didn’t care, no! On the contrary – for many, many years now, numerous animal welfare organizations, private individuals, and political parties in Germany have been campaigning for such a ban to be passed here in Germany too.

But despite the long struggle, the demos, petitions … Germany obviously finds cruelty to animals in the circus as a sign of civilization.

My best regards to all, Venus

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