New Zealand turns off the lights to help seabirds!

💙 A great campaign to protect sea birds!

The New Zealand town of Punakaiki has decided to turn off the lights in the next few weeks. The aim is to help save an endangered seabird whose only known breeding site is in the immediate vicinity of the small community. 🐦

Specifically, the street lights on a 3.4-kilometer stretch on the South Island will remain switched off at night until the New Year, the authorities said on Wednesday.

The reason: juveniles of the Westland petrel, classified as endangered, could lose their orientation due to the lights.

Especially bright lights could cause the animals to crash land, said Bruce Stuart-Menteath, spokesman for the Westland Petrel Conservation Trust, which is committed to protecting birds.
Some of them were seriously injured or were run over by cars.

Spotting the lanterns is a “fantastic” initiative for the birds, who normally can’t get off the level ground, said Stuart-Menteath.

The breeding season lasts from April to December.

The birds are only active on land at night.

And I mean…The good news gave us a warm light!
We should all learn from such examples.
And a lot of energy is saved too.

A great action, THANK YOU New Zealand! 🐦💙

My best regards to all


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